Transformative Energy

An artwork by Tarek Elkassouf

Transformative Energy

The Transformative Energy Artwork” embodies the dynamic spirit and rapid progress of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), serving as a sculptural representation of the nation’s journey from its traditional roots to its contemporary and innovative present.

This sculpture concept draws inspiration from the UAE’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and cultural heritage, showcasing the country’s ability to harness its resources to shape a brighter future.

The deep symbolic interplay

The proximity of the stone sculpture and the living, breathing mangrove reserve might seem like a contrast. Delving deeper into their symbolic interplay reveals an intricate relationship that celebrates both the permanence of art and the ephemeral beauty of nature.

While the stone captures the essence of the artist’s vision, the mangrove reserve unfolds nature’s narrative, written with every tide, every storm, and every sunrise. Together, they create a holistic experience, intertwining the tales of human creativity and nature being a constant inspiration.

The Journey to Jubail Island

The Artwork is a true testament to Tarek Elkassouf versatility in harnessing the intrinsic power of materials and forms to communicate deep, universal truths.

The artwork in its environment

Transformative Energy’ broke a record for a living Lebanese Sculptor and was considered one of the largest public artworks for a Lebanese Artist in the UAE an experience of the transformative power of art.
Standing tall at Jubail Island in Abu Dhabi, the sculpture captivates the viewer with its dynamic interplay of shapes and shadows, evoking a sense of perpetual motion and infinite energy. Sculpted meticulously with Limestone and Basalt, the artwork embodies the convergence of tradition and innovation.

About the artist

Tarek Elkassouf is a Lebanese-Australian artist based between Dubai and Sydney.
In his Artist Statement, he explores the concept of balance after transformation. He explains how he understands the concept of the invisible, through what is not there; the empty, and its exchange with the full.

He’s interested in the space between the words and in the silence in the music which is as important as the notes themselves for him.

Tarek Elkassouf is consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the realm of sculpture. His latest Exhibition ‘The Future is Near’ developed a unique visual language that translates complex concepts into tangible, and intangible forms.

‘Transformative Energy’ broke a record for a living Lebanese Sculptor and was considered one of the largest public artworks for a Lebanese Artist in the UAE an experience of the transformative power of art.

The Artist Note

Carbon Offset Initiatives - Jubail Island

Tarek Elkassouf studio is committed to sustainable practices in art and life. 

To align with their zero-emissions commitment they epitomised the installation through the planting of mangrove trees on Jubail Island.

These mangroves, selected for their remarkable carbon sequestration capabilities, are central to offsetting the carbon footprint of Transformative Energy Artwork, for which they planted 80 mangroves in Jubail Island Reserve.

This initiative effectively neutralizes the Artwork emission by an estimated 9619,2 kg of CO₂ over the next decade.

By integrating creative endeavors with actions that support the planet, The Studio aims to foster a symbiosis between art and environmental stewardship actively, promising a sustainable future through each project they undertake.


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